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Empowerment, beauty, wellness and fitness

Fitcover is sweat-proof, cruelty-free makeup, beauty and wellness products made for active lifestyles. We embrace and promote all of these by supplying high integrity cosmetics, skincare and wellness products for both men and women.

Why isn't there a makeup out there made specifically for training and sweating?

In 2014 the idea was still eating at me. And on top of that my skin was still terrible, I was in my twenties and I could see it not getting any better with my thirties closing in quickly. But there was this burning awareness in me that if I was going through this, other girls out there were too. All the hard work and effort proved well worth it in 2017 when Fitcover became a reality!

Through careful selection of ingredients and a unique formula, we were able to create a makeup that was sweat-resistant and actually beneficial to my skin. It seemed too good to be true. But the amazing feedback has been all I needed to go full steam ahead!

I'm so excited to be able to revolutionise two industries and demographics that I have so much passion for. Now I'm more fired up than ever. I can barely contain my enthusiasm as Fitcover is literally changing the face of fitness.