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How this little guy gave me the motivation of a lifetime…

nova jane and taj

My name is Nova Jane and I have been in love with sport and fitness my whole life.

From training in team sports like LFL, to solo fitness competitions, and everything in between!

But, unfortunately, my love of exercise came with an unwanted side effect... bad skin!

I have always struggled with acne, the type of acne that turns into cysts... yep... OUCH. I have always been so self-conscious of my skin, and constantly tried to not let people stand too close because they would see all my imperfections. It was borderline debilitating at times, how much my skin affected my life.

It might be hard to believe, but it didn't occur to me that I was making the situation about a zillion times worse by wearing makeup at the gym. I was so self-conscious about trying to cover my bad skin but the makeup was just clogging and caking up my pores.  And I sure as hell wasn't going to stop working out!

I figured I was cursed with this weird LOVE/HATE thing: LOVING to train, yet HATING how my skin reacted.

To sum it up... this SUCKED.

And then the idea hit me like a barbell to the face!

Ok, well...it wasn't painful like that sounds.  But this idea literally jumped right into my brain. I’ll never forget it.

In 2008 I was in America, Sacramento, California, to be exact.  I was sitting on a chair waiting for my girlfriend to finish her exam so that we could go out and party, and out of nowhere that’s when it hit me…

“Why isn't there a makeup out there made specifically for training and sweating?”

Then, like we all do, the Negative Nancy mind-set took over. "I wouldn't be able to do that, this would be too hard, I don't have the money, blah blah, blah…”.

So, I left it and put it in the "too hard" basket.

In 2014 the idea was still eating at me. And on top of that my skin was still terrible, I was in my twenties and I could see it not getting any better with my thirties closing in quickly. But there was this burning awareness in me that if I was going through this, other girls out there were too.

So, I contacted some pharmaceutical “experts” to try to make this actually happen. I was living in Melbourne at the time, and boy did I get SHUT DOWN.

I got told left, right and centre, that the makeup industry would be too hard to break into and too expensive to start, which confirmed all my original negative thoughts, so I put the idea to the side yet again.

Whenever my fiancée Shane and I get together we love to brainstorm. We love our conversations about business and inventing new things, so I told him about my idea... definitely not thinking that he would see the vision that I have.

But... he did.

Because he's such an amazing, inspiring partner and best friend he pushed and pushed and pushed and made me investigate this further....

Enter my amazing baby boy, Taj.

When we were blessed with my son, it gave me a new sense of strength in my life. I then decided that with the the support of Shane and the pure inspiration of my son Taj, it was time to prove all the science and pharmaceutical “experts” WRONG.

It wasn’t easy.

But all the hard work and effort proved well worth it in 2017 when…

Fitcover® Australia became a reality!!

Through careful selection of ingredients and a unique formula, we were able to create a makeup that was sweat-resistant and actually beneficial to my skin.

It seemed too good to be true.  but the amazing feedback has been all I needed to go full steam ahead!

FINALLY, for those women that don't go to the gym because their excuse is "I know that wearing makeup wouldn't be helping my skin", or "I'm too self-conscious to go to train with no makeup on", you can put those reasons behind you and go train!

A massive thank you to my bestie, father of my child, life partner Shane. You're like no other, and it blows my mind how lucky I am to have someone so inspirational in my life.

I'm so excited to be able to revolutionize two industries and demographics that I have so much passion for.

Now I’m more fired up than ever.  I can barely contain my enthusiasm, as Fitcover Australia is…

...quite literally…

Changing the Face of Fitness.

Nova Jane xx

nova jane