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Seriously I can not fault this product! It’s honestly amazing! Even the brush!!


As a over 60 I was worried about mineral makeup and lines around eye. But this is the goes on like a dream,even and smooth finish. I do walk and treadmill and it looks like I’ve just put it on. Highly recommend for over 60’s too :-))

Never have I ever.

Thumbs up all around.

Healthy glow

I use the mineral powder everyday and it leaves the skin looking healthy. It’s light weight and a little of the powder spreads a long way. My skin is able to breathe during the day. Thank you for creating a wonderful product.


Absolutely love step one! Step two fibers can agitate the eyes a little when they don’t stick. Can’t wait for it to come back!!!!!! Hurry up! I don’t need it yet but I don’t want to go back to another mascara when I run out.

Loved it

I ordered the 3 testers and it gave such a beautiful glowy finish to my skin, and it lasted well, considering I’m a menopausal sweat box
Will definitely be ordering the full sized one 👌

Best Make Up I've Used

I have a love-hate relationship with foundation. I can really only wear foundation for around 2-3 hours before it feels absolutely disgusting and I want to scrub it off. I don't feel this way with fitcover and it's the only foundation that works for me. I wear it all day at work, powder it after work to take away some shine and go straight to working out and really it's only after working out that it starts to feel gross which is to be expected anyway as I'm sweating. But that doesn't even matter because I wash it off when I get home. It looks great all throughout the day and after my work out 🙌 I LOVE it.
Customer service is amazing as well, I did have issues with my first foundation and they handled it very quickly and professionally, thank you customer service! I really want to try their face oil but I have to wait until my current one runs out. Definitely recommend!


Loved the samples, great way to find my shade. Full coverage also.
Then went to the expo in Melbourne and brought bulk 😂❤️

Disappointing, not worth the money

I was really excited to try this. It came with the samples in the little baggies. I found it really difficult to get an even amount onto the brush, due to this packaging method, but I was able to tell that the colour was correct. I felt confident opening the full product because I felt the colour would be the only issue. Unfortunately the colour was the only thing right about it. The feel of it on my skin, the glittery sheen, the cakey look if you use more than tiny smidgen of it, was all wrong. Not only that, it also made my pores look really big and obvious, which is something I hate. I persisted for 3 days, trying every technique I could just really hoping I'd hit on the right one. No joy. As another reviewer pointed out, it really sticks to dry patches. This is such an expensive product and I really feel like I just threw money away because I dislike it so much that I will never use it. Have had much better results with the much cheaper Natio brand I usually use, and have gone back to that. Feeling very disappointed about the waste of money on a sub-par product. Would not recommend.

Good on my mature skin

I was sceptical as I don't have easy skin to colour match and an oily T-zone. I didn't buy this for use at the gym I bought it for every day. I really like it - it looks very natural after about 30 mins on my face and I get a good 4 hours before I have to blot my T-zone. I like it for weekends when I don't need it to last all day. I use 2 shades darker as a bronzer. Thanks FitCover !

Foundation great, brush is a no-go

The foundation is great and really does not come off whilst sweating at the gym!! Unfortunately, the brush is a no-go for me. Initially, I loved it, as the design is very sleek, and the brush so soft to touch. However, it is very dense, and you end up scrubbing your face trying to distribute the product evenly, especially around the nose. Using a conventional kabuki now, which works perfectly.

Love how clean these are!

It's so hard to find makeup that isn't pore clogging and Fitcover nailed it! I love their shades and how clean the ingredients are!

Not just for the gym

I dont use a gym and if i train at home in my gym i dont wear make up but i love fitcover for a quick even up of my skin tone when i run wrrands and im here to tell you the heat where i live is horrible to make up, i am usually sweating before i even put any on. I like the coverage and i like that it atays even when im in amd out of shops and appointments and meetings. It wothstood the cry test many times over and even the rainy downpour test. I have had trouble getting just the right shade yet but by my third order i should be right.

Active mineral powder foundation

Love this product, it is amazing leaves my skin feeling good, and I love that I can do sweat session at the gym and not worry about it coming off

Great for oily skin too

I’ve been hesitant to try putting more oil onto my already oily skin, but this serum is great! It doesn’t leave an oily residue. It’s hydrating and calming to my skin.

My new fav!

Love the HIIT serum and the way it makes my skin so soft and glowy.


Best mineral powder I’ve used, especially through my sweaty gym sessions. Glad that I made a second order for the applicator brush...only downside is the wait time for shipping to Canada.

So happy with this product. I rarely wear make up and hate stuff that feels heavy in my face. This covers perfectly and feels light. Very happy

Love it!!

A light and shimmery mineral powder that gives me the exact amount of coverage I want without looking cakey or made-up, especially for the gym. Withstands tough sweaty workouts, and doesn’t melt off my face like liquid foundation. Great product!

Nice product

I recently started using this makeup and have already had compliments on my skin. It's perfect for the gym and I love the sparkly highlight effect from the 'toned' shade.

Fit cover

Super product
Matte finish makes me look like I had Botox without the full coverage
Just love love love!


Best makeup I’ve ever come across. It lasts all day, through sweat, and rain, gym and general life running around. I swear by this product, I won’t use another mineral powder foundation other than this.

New packaging

Love your product however after receiving my third container I see you have change the dispenser lid.
This morning I was trying to get powder out and the how lid fell off losing half my container.
I discussed this is a friend whom also has your product and she said the say thing happened to her. Such a disappoint to lose the much powder.

Love everything about it except..

I seriously am so in love with this product, but when I just ordered my newest foundation the worst happened. I was tapping the foundation into the cap and all of a sudden, the ENTIRE plastic top fell out and my powder went everywhere... I lost more than half of my product in my makeup bag and in my sink. I was able to scrape up as much as I could, but I am still very disappointed that on the first use the plastic cap came out and a lot of my product is gone.

Nice product

I bought the mineral powder because I needed something sweat proof for work. This product is ok. I still end up with a shiny face but the coverage is great and I don’t need concealer, foundation etc. Just this powder! Give it a try.