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Love 💗

This stuff is incredible, amazing and life changing! I’ll never need extensions again 😍😍

Superfood Serum

Wow. As an active nearly 70 year old, the Superfood Serum made an incredible difference to my skin overnight. My complexion is lighter, dewy and wrinkles smoothed like a miracle. I love how my face feels natural and not clogged, I’ve tried many moisturisers, this is the perfect product I won’t do without.

Wonderfully surprised

I was a bit sceptical at first but thought I'd give it a go anyway and was pleasantly surprised! The products exceeded my expectations and accurately reflect all the rave reviews and ads! Am very happy with the products (and honesty in the advertising)

Fabulous product.

I finally tried Fit Cover and won’t look back!! I sent my pics in for review and was guided on what colour to chose. That process was so quick and so useful! Shipping was really quick as well, the mineral foundation is so easy to apply with the kabuki brush, it honestly takes no time at all and has fantastic coverage. I have always struggled to find a good colour match with liquid foundation and had previously found mineral powder a bit cakey. Fit Cover in the shade Nude is perfect and blends so nicely! Give it a go you won’t regret it.

Lash Kit

After trying this for a week I am finding it's a bit messy to apply - black bits are falling over my face. I like the concept of the volume and making lashes look longer with the mass applicator but just a little hard when I have to wipe under eyes every time after to get fallen black bits of mascara off. I does however give me more length than usual.

Daily Coverage

Purchased Fit Cover Mineral Powder for the first time and am loving the light/medium coverage for work days. I get home after 10 hour days and don't feel that my skin is clogged up or heavy. It gives me an even texture on my skin that I am comfortable with and can do a couple more layers if I am having any breakouts.


I truly love this brush! It feels so good on my skin, it’s soft, and hold really well. I like the coverage it gives too. It’s not too big, but not too small.

It’s unbelievable

All my life I’ve tried all sorts of mascara’s only to always end up looking like I have black eyes as they always smudge under my eye even though I only put it on the top lashes. I just stopped wearing it. I tried false lashes but was not a fan or the expense and most of the time I just tinted them until I saw fitcover was selling them and because I love there foundation I brought some and I can’t believe NO SMUDGE....at last I can wear mascara again after all these years. Thank you fitcover xx

Wanted to love it but didn't.

I purchased the shade activate, which was too light for my skin tone. I also tested the shade tone which matches, but it left my face looking very sparkly, light I had mad highlighter all over. Just wasn't for me at all. I contacted the general fitcover email twice and never got a reply, so asides from spamming me with email, support is not great.

Hi Julie, I'm so sorry to hear this. I will send an email today as it seems I can't find any emails from you in our system. :( I hope I can still help you with this.

So light yet full coverage. I have dehydrated skin and don't normally use powders but this sits so perfectly on my skin. Love it!!

Worst Product I’ve Ever Purchased

Honestly, this is 100% the worst product I have ever purchased (at least within the last few years). The return policy sucks so make sure you check it out before you buy. Why are there CHUNKS of glitter in the foundation?? Who makes a powder foundation sparkly?? This accentuates my pores like no other powder does which is exactly what i’m trying to minimize when I use a foundation. Save yourself the money, I’ve bought better drug store powder foundations.

Everyday Wear

I brought this product more for everyday wear as I suffer from adult acne cyst on my chin area. I love 🥰 the coverage and the feel of it on my skin as it feels like I am not wearing a mask.
I do have oily skin and have noticed I have to touch up during the day but I have tried everything on the market and sadly I can’t help my skin type but at least I know when using this product I am getting the best protection against breakouts and not clogging my pores. Thank you FitCover 🙏🏼 Xo

Helped my cystic acne

Probably my first ever product review, but wanted to encourage others to give this a go; I'm in my 30s and started having cystic acne allover my face that I've been trying to fight for over a year now. I've been using a lot of different and expensive products (along with lifestyle changes) and nothing helped. Thought I'd give this a go as I'm an extremely sweaty person and due to acne, don't like to go to the gym without make up anymore. Since using FitCover my skin has become less oily and I haven't had any big painful breakouts anymore, since also using a new exfoliating cleanser I have had none and my skin seems to be going back to normal and everyone struggling with skin issues would understand how pumped I am to have normal skin again! I know trying out new products can be expensive, but this one was worth it for me!

Amazing product

I love that you only need a little bit of powder to cover your face and that you feel you aren't even wearing any make up. I feel like my skin is alot better send healthier too and gives you a nice glow. Definitely worth the money

For cover for ever !!!

I love my fit cover!! I use for all day wear it looks natural has amazing coverage and my skin glows.

Holy S**tballs!! This stuff is amazing.

I am in love. This serum is absolutely incredible. I have sensitive skin, prone to blocked pores and redness and this serum is SO soothing and healing I can barely believe it. I add it to my moisturiser or use on its own and my skin in in heaven, smooth and blemish free.

Good light coverage

I purchased this product as it sounded like it would be good for a long day at work. Overall, I think it gives a nice light coverage but not quite enough to wear on its own without needing concealer to cover spots. I did find however that it didn't aggravate my acne prone skin or make me break out which is a big plus.
The brush also feels really nice but I find it quite difficult to be able to get the brush into the product without making a mess or having to tap the product out into the lid.


I have finally found the perfect foundation.

I unexpectedly like it!

I am glad they have the samples so i can test which ones match my skin. During the consultation my skin match with Nourish but when the samples came in Activate is more compatible with my skin.

Love it!

Love it, looks great nice and light ! Looks nice on wear it most days work out 5 days a week :)


Love this mineral makeup. Only one that lasts all day! And i have tried alot. Well done Fitcover!


I have never wore makeup to gym but l do now & go straight to work my skin is completely perfect underneath no breakouts smooth & hydrated

Love, love, love the Active mineral powder. Looks great and feels amazing.

Fitcover Full Experience Kit

Fitcover is an amazing product, its easy to use and apply and doesn't feel like you are wearing any makeup. It smoothes and softens my face and evens helps with the appearance of my scar! Love the fact that I can wear it in the gym and haven't had a breakout since I have been using the product and training while wearing it!

Great daily foundation

Overall, I really like this foundation. It gives a nice matte finish and does a great job of smoothing over blemishes. And true to it's claim, it stays in place during workouts. A couple tips: Moisturize! I have moderately dry skin and normally use a tinted moisturizer for my everyday makeup and then a liquid foundation at times when I want more coverage. I found when I did my normal routine of my gel moisturizer and then put on Fitcover it settled in my fine lines (I'm in my mid 30's) and seemed to accentuate them. But I've been using either an extra moisturizer before applying it or a primer and that seems to keep it from settling in my forehead lines. I love the feel of it; nice and clean feeling. And a definite plus is my skin seems to love it! It's been clearer since using this than it has been in a long time! Overall, great daily foundation.