Fitcover®: Best Skin Care Products

YouTube beauty gurus have really changed the way we think about makeup and skin care. They show us how to get perfectly clear skin, how to prep your skin with primers, concealer, foundation, contouring, baking, highlighting, perfect brows, setting and on and on. Don't get me wrong this is great! Hey, if they’d be around during my teen years I could’ve avoided some super embarrassing makeup fails. BUT…not everyone has 2 hours every morning to paint a masterpiece on their face.

Natural Beauty Products that Double as Skin Care

We’re champions of multi-tasking: we do squats while brushing our teeth, we talk on the phone while out for a walk and a jar of coconut oil has more practical uses then you can count on your fingers and toes. Why should we treat our makeup products any differently? We think the best skin care products are those that also serve as natural beauty products. That’s why we formulated our Fitcover® range to contain the best of both worlds. Fitcover® is designed for women who don’t have time for a 20 step routine but still want to look like they've spent hours airbrushing and colour correcting their skin. That’s why we’ve devised a kickass range of multi-tasking products that will fit snugly in your gym bag.

Your Ultimate Fitcover® Makeup Starter Kit

Superfood HIIT Serum

This bad-boy will be one of the best skin care products you ever try (pinkie promise). The magic potion combines 15 plant-based oils and extracts to nourish and protect your skin against damage and dehydration. A total superfood smoothie for your skin!

Active Mineral Foundation

Our Active Mineral Foundation is the only gym-buddy you can guarantee won’t let you down. This powder is the king of natural cosmetics and will stay put through sweat, tears and whatever else your busy schedule throws at you.

Kabuki Classic

The ultimate luxury addition to your makeup starter kit our Kabuki Brush. With over 1.2 million micro-fine soft bristles it’s ideal for applying our natural cosmetics flawlessly. Say goodbye to that festy beauty blender!

Lash Mass Mascara

The latest addition to our natural beauty products line-up, gives you a fake-lash-look in seconds. A good coat of mascara can make you look like you’ve clocked up 8 hours of sleep even on the mornings you’ve rolled out of bed 10 minutes before you need to leave. The 2-in-1 kit features a waterproof mascara and green tea fibre wand to give you long luscious lashes that will survive a serious sweat-a-thon. No more post-gym panda eye!

Animal Testing Makeup

Animal testing makeup should’ve been left in the past, along with shoulder pads and side fringes. We made Fitcover® a cruelty-free brand, because the only thing that should be hurting is you…after a killer abs session.
We don’t like to brag so we’ll let our Fitcover® Fam do it for us!

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Excerpt: Fitcover® is Australia’s best skin care and natural cosmetics brand. Cruelty-free and natural makeup for fitness freaks and gym junkies.

Fitcover's makeup doesn't budge or run when sweating, and actually gives your skin the chance to heal and improve when your pores are at their most vulnerable.
100% natural makeup for flawless, glowing skin, all year round, which is made for sweat. All of our makeup is synthetic free, cruelty free, vegan and halal and the world's first plant based makeup brand for active women.
Find out why so many eco-conscious fitness fanatics around the world are falling in love with Fitcover.
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